Đam Rông What Becomes The Task Of The Tutor In Relation To Very Smart Students?

The task of the tutor becomes to help the child, teenager, high school student in adapting to the school environment, in mastering new ways of learning such as https://edusharky.com/custom-research-paper learning social roles in an organic form for each; in creating an image: his style of behavior, communication, manner of dress, in choosing socially acceptable ways of individual expression, in finding their topics, their issues in human culture, defining their specific functions in the family, school, peer circle.

The adult must provide and maintain the integrity of subjective manifestations of the pupil, which is expressed in the ability to see and form a life perspective, set long-term and short-term goals, to show responsibility and independence in the activities carried out on the basis of interests and freedom of choice, to give a critical assessment of the results and the course of activity, to show volitional effort in achieving goals. Formation of creative individuality is impossible without providing security, stability of education position, guarantees of preserving its honor and dignity on the part of others, without acquiring the ability to experience failures, to overcome obstacles.

Manifestations of creative individuality can be accompanied by the appearance of such qualities as individualism, egoism, narcissism, so the educator should always remember the need for individual and group reflection, the purpose of which will be the prevention or correction of personal deformations of this kind. Besides, formation of the creative-creative attitude toward other people, interest in displays of their individuality, ability to estimate, recognize success, achievement, priority of the one who is near can help in this respect.

Resulting in the education of creative individuality can be such directions as: - carrying out comprehensive diagnostics of psychophysiological, social, moral and other features of students, the level of development of individual personality spheres, the dominance of any of them; this is accompanied by the observance of professional secrecy and transfer of necessary and possible information to students or their parents; - familiarity with a variety of ways of self-knowledge and self-diagnosis;



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